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Watch this video and more on social club PLAY

Watch this video and more on social club PLAY

gliderFIERCE: socialSCULPT

socialSCULPT • 51m

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  • newbieLOVE: socialSCULPT

    50 minutes of guided, form-focused SCULPTING with BROOKE and newbie CJ! Can you believe this was CJ's first EVER Social Club class?! Pay attention to detail, BROOKE's careful cueing and don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for trying something new ;)

  • bootyBANDS: socialSCULPT

    45 minutes of guided, form-focused ankle band SCULPT. Follow JAVI as he works Becky and Yuf down into their arms, glutes, legs and abs! Pay attention to pacing and stretching those bands- keep your ankles apart for more resistance and increased difficulty. Have fun!

  • gimmeMORE: socialSCULPT

    52 minutes of guided, form focused SCULPT with JAVI, targeting your inner thighs, outer glutes, arms and abs! Focus on keeping that band stretched out- that means feet apart and band tight! Keep those bands on when we hit the mat, HOWEVER, if they are compromising your form, take them off and con...