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Watch this video and more on social club PLAY


SAMMY • 33m

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  • JELLOlegz: socialSCULPT

    45 minutes of guided, form-focused sculpting with SAMMY! JELLOlegz like woah... shakes, tremors, and quakes! Find your balance, keep those feet apart and maintain a tight band! If you have trouble with the bands, either take them off or hold onto a chair, stool or table as you work- it will help ...

  • samBAM: CARDIOclub

    36 minutes of "follow the leader" CARDIO with SAMMY! Non-stop movement with the Dance Cardio Queen herself! All you need is a pair of light hand weights and your body to get into this one. Have fun!

    *equipment: hand weights

  • quickie: CARDIOclub

    20 minutes of follow the leader with SAMMY! We heard y'all didn't ALWAYS have time for the 45minute class, so here's a quickie version! This is also a great INTRO to CARDIOclub if you're nervous about the full class. Get that heart rate up, morning or night, and sculpt those shoulders, booty, and...