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A collection of workouts led by master trainer, JAVI! SCULPT, CARDIO, and everything in between!

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  • LOWER: socialSCULPT

    45 minutes of form-focused movement, tailored to the music and guided by JAVI! This class is called LOWER for good reason- CHALLENGE YOURSELF! Keep the weight on your standing leg, allowing that opposite foot on the glider to remain as light as possible. Use the rotation in your hips, glutes and ...

  • DISCOstick: CardioSculpt

    51 minutes of sweaty focused fun with JAVI! Some new moves in this workout, so pay attention to details! Be specific with your angles, pay attention to hip placement, and stick with it! ;)

  • badKIDS: CardioSculpt

    56 minutes of guided, form-focused CARDIO with JAVI, followed by some difficult mat work! If movement on the mat becomes too challenging, feel free to snap that band off and continue without it! Best part about PLAY is you can do this workout again and again until you master it ;)

    equipment: ank...

  • WATCHusWORK: CardioSculpt

    1 HOUR of CardioSculpt with JAVI and a great group of badasses! First half of class, straight cardio with no stopping for 38 minutes! Feel free to break this class up in 2 sections! Cardio in the morning and then do the mat work later in the evening! or split it in two days! Its up to you! Focus ...

  • LABORday: CARDIOclub

    Happy Labor Day! 57 minutes of challenging, yet fun CARDIO with JAVI to a bomb ass mix by the resident music man, DJ mikeBOROWSKI! Work on that CARDIO on this beautiful day or any other day you feel up to the challenge =) This class is advancedAF and it is non-stop! Finish up Wirth a dynamic plan...

  • weGOOD: CardioSculpt

    51 minutes of challenging, yet fun movement with JAVI to a bomb ass playlist! Work on that full body whenever you feel up to the challenge =) Lots of cues in this video, so pay attention, but don't forget to have fun!

  • saySO: socialSCULPT

    51 minutes of uninterrupted movement with JAVI! Try and find the rhythm of the class- it will help make everything go faster =) Feel free to slow movements down if you must, but definitely don't go faster! Focus on keeping those feet apart while wearing the bands and use the natural resistance of...


    54 minutes of challenging movement, especially when it comes to hip rotation! Fell this in your booty the most by focusing on following JAVIs angles as he cues you into the right position! That inner thigh series at the end won't kill you, just stick with it! And finish with abs at the end =)

  • GOOEY: CardioSculpt

    46 minutes of guided, form-focused movement with JAVI! Starting with dance cardio, have your hand weights ready and your ankle band nearby! Try and keep up with this dynamic group, stay low in those squats and keep those feet apart during the ankle band sections!

  • BLOW: socialSCULPT

    50 minutes of guided, form-focused sculpting with JAVI!
    *Class begins with minor musical tech issues, but resolved after the warm up! Class is hard AF, focus on your form and stick that booty out during those leg lifts! No rounded backs- flat backs only!

  • fullHOUR: CardioSculpt

    1 FULL HOUR of CardioSculpt with JAVI! High Intensity CARDIO, 4 part Sculpting on the Mat: outer glutes, inner thighs, outer legs, overall burn.

  • BOB: CardioSculpt

    55 minutes of Challenging CardioSculpt with JAVI! Lots of ass work. Like a lot. Which is why we opted for NO ankle weights in class, however, feel free to throw some ankle weights on for the mat work if you so dare =)

  • FinkUFreaky: CARDIOclub

    51 minutes of high intensity CARDIO with JAVI and some of his most devoted CARDIOclubbers. The playlist is LIT, the moves are FIRE and the feels are REAL! Get into this ADVANCED class and work your way up to keeping up =)

  • WIGparty: CARDIOclub

    56 minutes of non-stop CARDIO with JAVI and BROOKE! Don't be fooled by the wigs- this class is just as challenging as it is fun! When you need to disconnect from your hectic schedule or when you've had a bad day at work, this is a good way to let go and decompress =) Have FUN with your workout Ba...

  • FEELtheBEAT: socialSCULPT

    56 minutes of sculpting with JAVI! Ignore the weird bar at the bottom, technology is messy lol Have fun babes! These bands are no joke! If the bands are compromising your form, take them off!
    equipment: ankle bands, hand weights, yoga mat


    46 minutes of sculpting with JAVI! This video is missing a warm up, video started recording late. BUT y'all kn oil it, do it and move on with the workout =)
    equipment: hand weights, ankle weights, yoga mat

  • bigBOOTY: CardioSculpt

    50 minutes of sweaty fun! If ankle bands compromise your form, take them off! Otherwise, follow JAVI as he takes your through this BOOTY blasting class.
    equipment: ankle bands, hand weights, yoga mat

  • upBEAT: CARDIOclub

    50 minutes of NON-STOP CARDIO. This class ain't a joke, these ladies are to blame... HOLY SHIT, that was a doozy. If you're looking for a real sweaty class with fun, upbeat moves, this is it!
    equipment: ankle bands, hand weights

  • quickie: WAKE UP

    17 minutes of a wake up CARDIO groove! Move with JAVI and his sister AMANDA as they groove to the music, move their bodies and get ready to take on the day =)
    equipment: ankle weights only

  • quickie: Q.U.E.E.N. ABS

    10 minute abs! Ankle weights on, but take them off if its compromising your form. Keep that lower back flat to the ground and engage those lower abs throughout.
    equipment: ankle weights, yoga mat

  • y2kPOP: socialSCULPT

    33 minutes of ADVANCED glider! NO MAT here, all standing! Focus on that standing leg, pay attention to angles, arms and legs, and get LOW hunny!
    equipment: glider, ankle bands, ankle weights, hand weights

    playlist: y2K POP

  • quickie: sourCANDY

    13 minutes of total body burn using the glider! Use your core to stabilize, keep those abs engaged throughout! Focus on those diagonals! Stick with it!

  • BornThisWay: CardioSculpt

    Introducing you to our in person classes through PLAY! NEW CLASSES! NEW PERSPECTIVE! NEW MUSIC! I repeat, NEW POP MUSIC! Get a glimpse into our zoom/ in person classes! Experience what its like to be in class with our world class trainers, break a sweat with real Social Club members and jam out t...

  • coldHEARTED: socialSCULPT

    Introducing you to our in person classes through PLAY! NEW CLASSES! NEW PERSPECTIVE! NEW MUSIC! I repeat, NEW POP MUSIC! Get a glimpse into our zoom/ in person classes! Experience what its like to be in class with our world class trainers, break a sweat with real Social Club members and jam out t...