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This is a collection of all of Brooke's classes in one spot! SCULPT, CARDIO, and everything in between!

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  • WIGparty: CARDIOclub

    56 minutes of non-stop CARDIO with JAVI and BROOKE! Don't be fooled by the wigs- this class is just as challenging as it is fun! When you need to disconnect from your hectic schedule or when you've had a bad day at work, this is a good way to let go and decompress =) Have FUN with your workout Ba...

  • tagTEAM: CARDIOclub

    46 minutes of INTENSE CARDIOclub! Not 1, but 2 instructors! JAVI & BROOKE tag team for this class and well, it got a little competitive and I think y'all are gonna pay for it ;)

  • tieDYE: CARDIOclub

    50 minutes of follow the leader, non stop movement! Dance with BROOKE as she guides you through easy to follow patterns, sweaty combinations and continuous movement! No mat work here- just CARDIOclub!

    *equipment: hand weights

  • jumpBABYjump: CardioSculpt

    55 minutes of follow the leader with BROOKE! Jumping, gliding, grape-vining! Get into Brooke's easy to follow movement, but pay attention! She keeps us on our toes with her changing patterns and repeating choreography. If jumping is not your vibe, modify with a simpler step touch, squat, or modif...

  • buttWERQ: socialSCULPT

    45 minutes of guided, form-focused BUTT WERK with BROOKE as Javi does his best to keep up. CARDIObursts, balanceCHALLENGE, sweatDRIP- all BROOKE staples.

    *equipment: hand weights, ankle weights, yoga mat

  • LFG: CardioSculpt

    49 minutes of follow-the-leader, non-stop movement with BROOKE! Jam out and sweat buckets while you get a full body burn. Hit the mat for some outer glute work, ab finisher with an inner thigh surprise ;)

    *equipment: ankle weights, hand weights, pilates ring, yoga mat

  • PLANKyou: socialSCULPT

    40 minutes of guided, form-focused SCULPTING with two of BROOKE's long time clients: JULIANA & BECKY! The workout is all fun and games until BROOKE pulls out the most ridiculous PLANK series on this app... Bye!

    *equipment: hand weights, ankle weights, yoga mat

  • newbieLOVE: socialSCULPT

    50 minutes of guided, form-focused SCULPTING with BROOKE and newbie CJ! Can you believe this was CJ's first EVER Social Club class?! Pay attention to detail, BROOKE's careful cueing and don't forget to give yourself a pat on the back for trying something new ;)

  • wet&WILD: CARDIOclub

    40 minutes of follow the leader CARDIOclub with BROOKE! Follow along as she takes Javi through it, mostly through pain, but always while laughing :) Let us know if you sweat more than BROOKE and Javi during this workout, we may have to give you a prize

    *equipment: hand weights

  • Brooke Dance Cardio Class 05

  • classicBROOKE: socialSCULPT

    45 minutes of follow the leader CARDIOclub with BROOKE! Get those knees up, jack and jump and party out! BROOKE gives us that pattern, but how you get it done, is up to you! Modify if you must, Catch up when you can, but whatever you do, KEEP. ON. MOVING! (make sure those shoe laces are tied tigh...

  • lookBROOKE: CARDIOclub

    43 minutes of cardio-boosting, booty-lifting FUN! Follow the leader as BROOKE guides you past your breaking point, but she's with you the whole time! Trust her! Especially when you're doing those little circles with your arms :)

    *equipment: hand weights, ankle bands